Liz Westcott, LCSW

A little about me.

Photo By: Deborah Beckwith

Let me introduce myself…

I grew up in Niantic, Connecticut and went through the East Lyme School system.  I graduated from the University of Connecticut and went on to Smith College for an MSW.  I wanted to be an instructor, counselor, advisor, speaker, writer and business owner.  As the owner of Sound Career Services I am all of these.  And, I help guide, inspire and transform the lives of my clients, which is tremendously satisfying.

I have always been fascinated with the choices people make in the design of their lives, particularly as this relates to their identity, and the world of work.  I have invested in extensive postgraduate coursework in career counseling, assessment credentialing, motivational interviewing and psychology.   I have worked as a personal and career counselor for three decades, helping clients to live happier and more productive lives.

I am certified to administer and interpret three career assessments:  The Strong Interest Inventory, the MBTI, and the Highlands Ability Battery.  The Highlands Ability Battery is the “Gold Standard,” for assessment tools.   It is a timed aptitude test, administered in the comfort of your home or in the offices of Sound Career Services.   The results provide concrete data about aptitudes and abilities that come naturally and effortlessly.  If you are like most people you struggle to identify your aptitudes.   If these abilities are not expressed in your work, you become dissatisfied and feel like something is missing.  The information gained from the HAB can help you position yourself in the work environment where you will become your best self.

I also consult regularly with Nancy Anderson, author of Work with Passion and Work With Passion in Midlife and Beyond, by far the most helpful books in understanding career choice, mid life career change, our own perceptions and the role of our families in shaping our beliefs about money and work.

I have worked on-site at three of the largest employers in Southeastern Connecticut, addressing employees’ work and personal concerns and assisting managers with employee issues.   I have consulted with many small organizations, presented workshops in public and private settings, and have taught at Iona College, the City University of New York, Mitchell College and Eastern Ct State University.

I am a member of the National Career Development Association and hold the title of Master Career Specialist, and I am a member of the Connecticut Counseling Association.  I have also been licensed by the State of Connecticut as a clinical social worker since 1997.

My goal is to help you get the right information to make sound educational and career choices so that satisfaction and success is yours.