How do you get let go, not once, not twice, but three times?

And, how do you not only land on your feet, but get hired into your dream job?

Ask Kelly.

  1. Stay flexible:  Kelly dreamed of being an MD.  She had the skills, abilities, motivation but not the finances.  So, she took a “temp” job, which turned into a ten-year permanent position.
  2. Keep learning: Her company paid for her to get an MBA!   But she was also let go.
  3. Use transitions for opportunities to reflect on what you want and need. Kelly decided to focus on being a mother which gave her tremendous satisfaction.  But, then her husband left her.  The need to return to work helped her realize that she still yearned to work in the medical field.
  4. Plan carefully:  Kelly made the decision to become an RN.  Enrolling in a local community college was a financially sound decision for Kelly.
  5. Get some experience and stay alert.  Nursing was the right career field, but floor nursing didn’t feel like the right fit.
  6. Use resources:  Kelly and I met for a number of counseling sessions to discuss her talents, interests, values, goals.  She wanted scheduled appointments, in a structured setting, helping patients with medical, emotional, and nutritional needs.
  7. Research options:  Kelly researched the field of diabetes and became increasingly excited.
  8. Create a vision and an action plan. She continued her education and finished a Master of Science in Nursing.  And, she took every available online course on diabetes that she could, so that “when they get my resume I’ll be the most up to date applicant.”  This worked!  And she continued on to get a certificate in her specialty.
  9. Manage difficulties.  Kelly worked as a diabetes nurse educator for three years but then when a merger occurred she was let go.  Again!  So, she returned to see me.  The confusion, fear and upset was evident.  These feelings didn’t last long, because Kelly was an expert on herself, on the process of change.  Not only was she talented and competent, she had an amazing sense of resilience.

Now, Kelly was willing to let go.  Within six weeks Kelly was hired at one of the most prestigious teaching hospitals in the U.S.  She put her house on the market and moved to North Carolina.  “I’m doing everything an MD does, in terms of patient care, and I’m surrounded by smart people, in a beautiful place.  It’s all okay.”

Liz Pelissier, LCSW, is the owner of Sound Career Services in Waterford, CT.