Reviews & Testimonials

“Liz’s masterful public speaking style is warm, engaging, informative and transformational. She has an innate ability to reach to the core of the human spirit eliciting self-awareness and cooperation. Liz’s compassionate and skillful approach effectively facilitates positive cultural change.

Liz has been a joy to work with and I unequivocally recommend her for any clinical or corporate endeavor which aims to transform companies and lives in positive ways.”

Dennis Strandson, LPC


“Many years ago, when I was a newly practicing (and unhappy) attorney I consulted with Liz.  She encouraged me to integrate my passion for writing more directly into my career and recommended that I explore journalism school. I eventually attended Columbia’s Graduate School of Journalism and for the next ten years had an exciting and fulfilling career as a journalist. I’ve since turned to social justice advocacy and coaching, and I’ve kept my love of writing at the forefront of my work, whether focused on human rights or personal development  Liz was spot-on in helping me identify that core means of engagement, and I know writing will remain an important part of my work and way of connecting with others as my career continues to evolve and develop in the future.”
Daphne E.

Lawyer, Writer & Coach,

“The employment counseling services Liz Pelissier provided to our non-profit organization helped our employees become successful team players.   She provided professional and precise direction, and was prompt and thorough with her responses and feedback.  Her welcoming and warm style was particularly useful in addressing some challenging employee issues.    Our organization will continue to consult with Liz.“

Lori N.

Executive Director, Seabird Enterprises

“Liz helped me successfully change careers, in mid life.  Her support and problem solving abilities have helped me change the way I think and behave. She keeps me focused on my goals while helping me balance the demands of life.  If you need help with sorting out career decisions and personal concerns, Liz can help you with both.”
Jo Ann Cavalier, RN

Wound Care Certified

“The Highlands Ability Battery test has been an extremely valuable tool, not only in helping me assess my natural strengths, but in guiding me toward a meaningful mid life career change. Liz was professional and knowledgeable. My results were explained in depth, giving me a full understanding of how to play to my strengths for greater fulfillment in my work life. Truly a wise investment!”
Denise Caruso

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